Product Design

Our in-house design department designs and models your idea to turn it into a finished product !

Our product design know-how results from more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of plastic injection moulding tool.

Depending on your needs, thereby we can :

  • Work alongside with your designers to design your product in order to and optimize your production means,
  • Entirely design your part with the intent of designing and manufacturing prototype, pilot or production tools needed to make the part.

Example :

In the medical sector, a customer gave us an operating diagram which shows a patented innovation. With this diagram, we designed the part to ensure that it is fit for purpose, then we design and manufacture the prototype tools used to mould and assemble the various elements.

Customer interview : "I want to say something more than a simple thank you for all your efforts spent on our project. This project was just an idea on a piece of paper before you touched it (...). You have made it real."

For product design, we ensure a strict confidentiality as we have our in-house design and testing departments.

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