Innovative Process

We have the solution to the needs to reduce production costs : innovative process !


Besides our tool design and manufacturing activities, we design, make and set up complete and innovative production processes with a constant objective :

To assist you better in coping with the needs to further reduce the production costs.  


For instance : a production process which injects, welds and assembles plastic parts into a finalized product

* Traditional solution : 1 moulding machine + 1 injection moulding tool

                                  1 welding machine + 1 welding tool

                                  3 operators

* Solution developed by DEPLANCHE : 1 moulding machine equipped with a robot + 1 injection moulding tool with an integrated welding system 

This solution allowed to inject and weld plastic parts into a finished product with a single machine and a single tool without increasing the number of operators and pertaining hourly costs. 

We have other technical solutions (tools and processes) which allow you to make significant productivity gains and reduce your investments - especially in special machines - and are at your disposal to examine any project you would like to submit us.

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